Intel Triptych

Our friends over at Protein asked us to help them out on an event they were putting together for Intel at the Vinyl Factory.

They had the music, the food and some digital art commissioned and needed lighting, seating and display areas for the intel products to tie in with everything else that was going on. The budget was quite tight so we had to find an interesting re-use solution to the problem.

We used gabions as the building blocks for both the seating and the display areas. These were cable tied together to construct long benches which were topped with a layer of painted MDF and a layer of thick industrial felt as a cushion. Large clusters of gabions, semi-clad with black panels formed areas to display the laptops and smart phones.

The whole thing was finished off with dramatic ceiling mounted spots and very swanky battery powered LED up-lighters from the good people at Shok.

“Once again, thanks for all your work on this – you guys we’re awesome and a pleasure to work with.”
– Teddy Fitzhugh (Production Manager, Protein Networks)